Young Sheldon spinoff about Georgie and Mandy nearing a straight-to-series order at CBS

CBS is nearing the close of a straight-to-series order for a Young Sheldon spinoff focusing on Georgie and Mandy.

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Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady’s The Big Bang Theory is the gift that keeps giving at CBS, as another spinoff of the beloved ensemble comedy is in the works. As you’re likely to know, The Big Bang Theory paved the way for Young Sheldon, a series focusing on the early days of Big Bang’s Sheldon Lee Cooper, Ph.D., Sc.D (Jim Parsons). After six incredibly successful seasons, Young Sheldon will end with its season seven finale. Thankfully for the Young Sheldon spinoff fans, another show revolving around Georgie Cooper and his fiancée Mandy McAllister, played on the show by Montana Jordan and Emily Osment, is nearing a straight-to-series order at CBS.

The Young Sheldon spinoff hails from the series’ executive producers Steve Holland, Steven Molaro, Chuck Lorre, and Warner Bros. Television. According to Deadline, deals are ongoing for Jordan and Osment to reprise their roles. The spinoff aims for a 13-episode order stretched across the 2024-25 season.

Jordan plays Sheldon’s brother, George Marshall “Georgie” Cooper Jr., on Young Sheldon. A part of the spinoff from its inception, Georgie is a high school dropout who went to work full-time at Meemaw’s laundromat. Amidst the spinning piles of laundry and dustings of detergent, Georgie met Mandy in Season 5. Mandy was 29 when she met Georgie, who lied to Mandy by telling her he was 21. Georgie eventually confessed his truth to Mandy, but not before the couple became pregnant with their first child. It took a while, but Georgie gradually regained Mandy’s trust, and the couple got engaged in the Season 6 finale.

Jerry O’Connell plays Georgie on The Big Bang Theory. In BBT, Georgie is a successful tire store chain owner who has been married and divorced twice. While this could gum up the works for the Young Sheldon spinoff, the creators say they could take liberties with BBT canon to make the new show work. In other words, the Young Sheldon spinoff could rewrite BBT history to suit its needs. The Young Sheldon spinoff is a multi-camera endeavor, marking a return to the Big Bang Theory filming format. Holland, Molaro, and Lorre will write the script and executive produce the spinoff.

What do you think about CBS eyeing a Young Sheldon spinoff focusing on Georgie and Mandy? Has the Big Bang Theory well run dry, or are you excited about this curious project? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Deadline

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