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02.27.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

What do you get when you take Rhona Mitra, a women's prison, a badass chick with spikes in her hair, sword fighting, and all around kick-ass-ery? You get the new clip from DOOMSDAY over at Yahoo!Movies, that's what!

In what may be the slickest clip we've seen yet (check out the ones from the other day), we have our hero (Mitra) sword fighting this tatted up chick (Leanne Liebenberg) while trying to save a couple of hottie inmates in what appears to be an all women's prison.

My description may be amazing, but it's nothing compared to CHECKING OUT THE CLIP for yourself. Wow. Oh the good times DOOMSDAY is looking to deliver! I can't flippin' wait!

Directed by the always great Neil Marshall, DOOMSDAY also stars Bob Hoskins, Alexander Siddig, Adrian Lester, and Sean Pertwee, and is looking to slam into theaters March 14th. In the meantime have a blast with the NEW CLIP and keep it here for more DOOMSDAY updates as we hear em'!

Source: Yahoo!Movies



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