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Feast your eyes on this intense trailer for The Aggression Scale

3 years agoby: Marcey Papandrea

A few days ago Eric brought you the exclusive look at a teaser image from SXSW entry THE AGGRESION SCALE. Looked pretty sweet! Well it doesn’t stop there, as the film has scored itself one heck of an intense trailer, and naturally we have it right here for you (below).

We don’t know too much about the film, it has remained quite mysterious, and the trailer doesn’t let up a whole lot but it certainly captures the attention. The film will make its premiere next month at SXSW; you can scope the dets here.

Short synopsis: Four heavily armed hitmen and two unusual teenagers go to war over $500,000 of stolen cash.

The film stars Fabianne Therese (below), Ryan Hartwig, Dana Ashbrook, Derek Mears, Jacob Reynolds, Joseph McKelheer and Ray Wise. It was directed and edited by Steven C. Miller, written by Ben Powell and produced by Travis Stevens (Snowfort Pictures) and Joe McKelheer and Eban Kostbar (Harvest Pictures).

Extra Tidbit: Are you yey or ney on this trailer?


Spitting Bullets
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7:42PM on 02/09/2012
very interesting....ill be keeping an eye out...
very interesting....ill be keeping an eye out...
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