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German Death Race

07.31.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

While the North American DEATH RACE poster has done nothing for me (Jasan Statham's giant head and other smaller heads floating around in the background), this new poster out of Germany is pretty f*cking cool.

Featuring Statham and co-star Natalie Martinez, Statham's Frankenstein mask, and a few cool cars rolling down the racetrack, this new poster seems to fit more of what DEATH RACE is all about. Hell, even the new color palate seems to be more fitting. At the very least, it's waaaaay better than the previous poster (which you can check out below for easy reference).

The footage I saw at Comic-Con for this flick was pretty cool, featuring a fun little action-packed car sequence, and Statham f*cking a guy up outside of his car on the racetrack. Don't cross Statham, he'll f*ck you up.

Have a blast with the new poster, and get ready for DEATH RACE in theaters everywhere August 22nd.

Source: IMPawards



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