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03.08.2013by: Jake Dee

Horror Ten Spot: Sam Raimi's Best Horror Moments

Although he's gravitated away from the genre in the last decade or so, Sam Raimi will always be a horror legend. In 1981 the man personified ingenuity by channeling the brio and bravado of anarchic youth into a low-budget horror classic, THE EVIL DEAD. Dude immediately upped the ante with EVIL DEAD II, a gorily cartoonish delight, then outdid himself 5 years later with ARMY OF DARKNESS. Of course, we all know Raimi would go on to helm the SPIDER-MAN franchise, but entries along the way including DARKMAN, A SMIPLE PLAN, THE GIFT and his latest horror effort, DRAG ME TO HELL, prove where the man's heart truly is. In the macabre! So, as we lament the off-course endeavor that is OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL (seriously Sam, wtf!), let's have some damn fun by reliving some of Raimi's best horror moments. Ladies and gents, here are 10 of the best (near) deaths found in Sam Raimi's films! Warning: Spoilers Ahead!


Spitting Bullets
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