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Teaser trailer for Rodrigo Cortes' new thriller Red Lights, starring Robert De Niro

Sep. 13, 2011by: Jake Dee

Since my man Eric beat me to a pithy comment via his Twitter account, I'll simply pipe down and tell you we have an underwhelming teaser trailer for Rodrigo Cortes' new thriller RED LIGHTS. Courtesy of MTV, cop a look underneath!

In the film, De Niro stars as Simon Silver, a legendary psychic, perhaps the most famously gifted of all time, who returns after thirty years of mysterious absence to become the world's greatest challenge to orthodox science and professional skeptics.

Meanwhile, paranormal fraud investigator Tom (Murphy) begins to develop a dense obsession Silver, whose magnetism is enhanced dangerously with each new manifestation of inexplicable phenomena.

Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver (below), Robert De Niro, Elizabeth Olsen, Joely Richardson, Toby Jones, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Jeany Spark also play a part in the picture.

Expect to see RED LIGHTS sometime in 2012.

Extra Tidbit: You as unimpressed by the teaser as we are?
Source: MTV


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