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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ioan Gruffudd & Alice Parkinson (Sanctum)!

02.03.2011by: Genevieve Blaber

Dangerous caves, sub-arctic waters, and not enough oxygen to go around it's the makings of the worst date ever and it's what Carl (Ioan Gruffudd) and his girlfriend Victoria (Alice Parkinson) are in for in the upcoming film SANCTUM.

A 3-D underwater adventure that puts audiences on the edge of their seats, Sanctum has Carl and Victoria visiting a diving team's expedition of an underwater cave system just when a monsoon hits sending them all further underground. As the heroes try to escape to the open waters of the ocean via the deep depths of the caves, Carl and Victoria push themselves to the brink in an effort to survive but they're not the only ones who pushed themselves. Ioan and Alice, who portrayed them onscreen, had plenty to share about what it was like filming underwater and getting covered with guano.



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