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09.29.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
If you've ever attended, visited or seen a college on the big screen, you can most likely relate to checking out that crazy group of feminist on campus that seem to be asking for equality in extremely loud and obnoxious ways. Being a Women's Studies minor threw me in the thick of it, and while it opened my eyes to some things, it made me realize something else: some of these chicks were crazy!

Which makes the new horror movie from director Lonnie Martin all that much better! The flick's called WOMEN'S STUDIES, and it goes a little something like this: WOMEN'S STUDIES is a horror film about a pregnant grad student and her friends who are held captive at a women’s academy that’s actually a cult of psychotic feminists bent on enslaving and/or murdering men. These cultfeminists indoctrinate college age girls under their dogma then send them out into the world to take high powered jobs from men, run for public office, and take away men’s social power. They’re also ordered to seduce then murder men with high intelligence or stamina in order to create a “pure Goddess race.” The pregnant grad student is forced to choose between joining their sect or risking death by trying to escape from the academy.

Obviously this is taking your average feminist to the very extreme, but what an awesome idea for a horror movie! Not to mention the fact that it's an Academy full of chicks... it almost feels like it could go in the direction of those classic women's prison's movies. Me likey!

Maritn feels very strongly about this project, and doesn't really care that he may be stepping on a few people's toes: The movie has no political agenda except to show how scary cults can be. It’s all done in the spirit of horror movie fun. Feminists, misogynists, pagans, abortionists; we skewer everybody, both figuratively and literally.

STUDIES stars Tara Garwood, Kelley Slagle and Tiffany James (all smokin' hot), and is gearing up to start shooting sometime next year. Starting October 1st, you can check out the film's OFFICIAL WEBSITE, which is designed to look like the website promoting the fictional Women's Academy in the film. Nice! Be sure to check that out Sunday, and stick around as we hear more from the set of WOMEN'S STUDIES once production begins! Bring on the fembots!
Source: AITH



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