Bana's ST cameo?

I don't remember it being like this on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3, but suddenly JJ Abrams is covering up projects like he's the head of the NSA or something. Thought that Eric Bana was signed on to play the lead villain in STAR TREK, Nero, who would face off with Kirk? Think again. Apparently Bana's role is nothing more than a cameo. "It's just a great character, it's J.J. Abrams. It's a really well-written script, great part. Couldn't say no. I don't actually look at the size of parts ever," he told the Herald Sun. I don't know if this is misinformation, or what, but I'm massively disappointed. So who the hell is gonna be the main villain? Is it gonna be Shatner? I'm also pretty sure that if we're gonna get any more intel on this flick it's gonna involve sodium amytal and the ransom of someone's kids. Not that I condone that kind of thing, but I don't like being misled about who's doing what in Hollywood.
Extra Tidbit: Eric Bana was requested for TROY by Brad Pitt, who is a huge fan of CHOPPER.
Source: Herald Sun



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