Comic Con: Before it all comes to an end watch the Breaking Bad countdown mash-up trailer

We are finally getting close to new episodes of BREAKING BAD. Sadly though, after this there will be no more. I think we've taken the road with Walt and Jesse as far as it will go. What will be the fate of Walt and everyone else that has somehow stayed in the picture in these last eight episodes?

To get the fans ready, AMC posted a look back at all the major highlights over the past seasons in this mash-up trailer. There's no new footage but it's worth watching the man that Walt has become. For those who are not caught up with the series, please do not watch because you will spoil important plot points for yourself.

I've also included the panel that was held on Sunday at Comic-Con. There is talk of how the second half of season five opens so there are spoilers there as well.

Check it all out below.

Here's the panel from Sunday:

Source: AMC



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