Crazy viral site for Cyrus furthers itself from Miley Cyrus and is accompanied with some stills

Today CYRUS released in select theaters. Chris Bumbray gave the film an excellent review, even stating that Jonah Hill really shows us some range in his acting.

We also have some stills from the film, as well as a very odd viral site. I saw something about the site, which holds the address www.notmileycyrus.com, but never checked it out. Finally I took a gander today and I'm glad I did. It's filled with new clips, but in order to view them you have to go to click on sites like www.seriouslydontf--ckmymom.com. Miley Cyrus is also plastered all over the page giving you the friendly peace sign.

The clips are far from ordinary, and I had to know that with John C. Reilly involved there would have to be some sort of bizarre twist to them.

Check out the site and take a look at the pics below.

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of stepping up their game, when will Michael Cera show us another side of him? I like Cera, but I just would like to see something different from him. Drastically different.



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