Djimon Hounsou joins the second season of M. Night Shyamalan's Wayward Pines

Even though Wayward Pines was initially supposed to be a ten-episode event series, its success led to Fox wanting more. The first season of Wayward Pines dealt with Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) who, after being involved in a car accident, woke up in the mysterious town of Wayward Pines and begins to uncover its secrets. M. Night Shyamalan and Chris Hodge produced the series, with Shyamalan himself directing the pilot, which was adapted from Blake Crouch's bestselling series of books. The second season of Wayward Pines will continue on from where the finale left off, so if you're still planning on watching the series, be warned that there will be a few spoilers below.

Earlier in the month it was announced that Jason Patric was be headlining the second season of the show and now it has been revealed that Djimon Hounsou will be joining the cast as well. Hounsou will play CJ Mitchum, an original resident of Wayward Pines and, according to The Wrap, "a historian for the town with extensive knowledge of its complex origins. He’s also the one person who can provide a unique bridge between the current world of Wayward Pines and the previous world that humans inhabited." As Djimon Hounsou can always be counted on to deliver the goods, this is good news for Wayward Pines' second season. Jason Patric will be playing Dr. Theo Yedlin, a confident and driven surgeon who "awakens from suspended animation and finds himself in the middle of this rebellion, as he tries to understand what Wayward Pines really is and help preserve the endangered human race."

The first season of Wayward Pines included some big names, such as Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo, Toby Jones, Carla Gugino, and more, so it will be interesting to see if the second season is an equally star-studded affair. Wayward Pines' second season will consist of ten-episodes and debut this summer.

Source: The Wrap



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