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It's a boy and his Pokemon in new How to Train Your Dragon poster


I'm not sure how I never made this connection before, but I'm definitely seeing a whole lot of Pokemon-ness in HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON now. I mean, look at that thing, it should be on a damn trading card with "Flamethrower" as its special move.

This brings me to an interesting idea, I think that Pixar and Nintendo should combine for a Pokemon CGI feature. Think about it, the hundreds of creatively designed creatures and rich Poke-verse, Pixar's excellent writing and storytelling abilities. Genius!

Anyways, what were we talking about? Oh right, there's a new poster for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON poster, click on the bit below to see the whole thing over at MovieWeb.

Extra Tidbit: When I was twelve, I battled a pro from Nintendo who was sent to a Pokemon convention at the mall to destroy kids via Game Boy. I lost. He was a tool.
Source: MovieWeb



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