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New Sausage Party red-band trailer is "just the tip" of the iceberg


sausage party

There is a lot of enthusiasm for SAUSAGE PARTY. After all, when's the last time you can point to a major movie studio releasing an animated feature made strictly for adults? Especially one that looks as funny as this?

But Sony Pictures keeps rolling out looks at the film that show a tiny bit more and a tiny bit more, and with each new reveal, more laughs follow. Plus, with strong word of mouth coming from their screening early in the weekend at Comic-Con, hopefully it will only increase the interest in a film of this kind. Having seen trailers for the film in theaters with packed crowd and gauging by their reactions to what they've seen so far, people are coming out for this movie when its release hits. 

This new red-band trailer is sure to help.

SAUSAGE PARTY opens in theaters on August 12.

Source: Sony Pictures



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