Noomi Rapace is definitely not back for Alien: Covenant

You won't be seeing Dr. Elizabeth Shaw's face around the ALIEN franchise anymore.

After rumors had been swirling about whether Noomi Rapace would return to a PROMETHEUS sequel, now officially titled ALIEN: COVENANT, Ridley Scott was asked point blank recently if she'd be back, to which he simply replied "No," following that up with "We're still casting the main roles."

Scott has previously stated that the PROMETHEUS follow-up would pick up where he left that overall story thread, while bridging the gap to the larger ALIEN mythology, which makes the absence of the lone human survivor from the previous film all the more curious. We do know that Michael Fassbender's David will be back, so why not Rapace? Could her mysterious disappearance be used to explain the nefarious standing of the Engineers' creators and wherever they are found by a new crew a few years in the future from when PROMETHEUS ended? Your guess is as good as mine, but one thing is for sure - Rapace won't be around to see it for herself.

ALIEN: COVENANT lands in theaters, sans Noomi Rapace, on October 6, 2017.

Source: Daily Mail



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