Peter Jackson is at work on something secret for Steven Spielberg

steven spielberg, peter jackson, the adventures of tintin

Peter Jackson has a secret. 

And so does Steven Spielberg

And together, they'll reveal the exact nature of it when the time is right... but for now, all that we're allowed to know is that they're working on something that isn't THE ADVENTURE OF TINTIN 2.

In a recent interview promoting this weekend's release of THE BFG, Spielberg remarked on what Peter Jackson might be working on lately.

Peter was so busy with THE HOBBIT that it took him away from TINTIN and he's doing another film for my company now. It's a secret, nobody knows about it. Then after that he'll do TINTIN.

Okay, I'll believe that another TINTIN movie is coming when it's actually in front of my eyes, since they both seem to keep kicking  the can on that flick down the road every time they're asked about it. But what is this secret project for Amblin Partners/Dreamworks? Whatever could it be? 

We could guess and speculate all day - literally and figuratively - and still not come anywhere close to what they may be planning. But it's cool enough to know that Jackson and Spielberg are on the same page for something in the foreseeable future. What that thing is... well, we'll have to wait until it's time to learn. 




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