4 minute clip from werewolf biker movie Howlers appears online

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Writer/director Josh Ridgway's upcoming film HOWLERS is a project I was completely sold on as soon as I heard it was about "werewolf bikers", so I have been following its progress very closely ever since that first announcement, even sharing the first look at the poster and some exclusive stills. A few months ago, we heard that Archstone Distribution had acquired the worldwide rights to film and were starting to plan a release for it… and now there's a positive sign that HOWLERS will soon be making its way out into the world, as we have discovered that The Movie Partnership Limited has released the first footage from the movie on YouTube.

Although referred to as a "trailer", the video is actually a 4 minute clip that sets up a confrontation between the film's hero, gunslinger Colt (Chad Michael Collins), and a bunch of werewolves. The clip ends just as the action is about to kick in, so it's quite an effective teaser. Embedding has been disabled for this one, so you'll have to click over to YouTube to see it.

This section of the film is set in 1863, and if you're wondering how it can be both a Western and a biker movie, the synopsis explains that the story follows 

a mysterious monster hunter from the old west who returns from the grave to stop a bloodthirsty werewolf motorcycle gang from terrorizing a small town.

Collins is joined in the cast by Sean Patrick Flanery, Chelsea Edmundson, and Matthew Tompkins, with Tom Zembrod as the "big bad".

A release date for HOWLERS has not yet been announced, but there has been some indication on social media (HOWLERS is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) that it might be out sometime in early 2019.

The film has been described as "WYATT EARP meets BLADE, if it was cranked through a 1980s meat grinder of John Carpenter-esque camp and gore"… So bring it on!

Source: The Movie Partnership Limited

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