A Monster Calls author now writing Frankenstein tale The Monster

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

A Monster Calls

Author Patrick Ness has an idea for a Frankenstein-inspired tale called THE MONSTER, and he's teaming with Lionsgate to bring that idea to the screen.

This will be the second Ness-scripted film with the word "monster" in the title, as he also wrote the 2016 film A MONSTER CALLS (pictured above), which was based on a novel he wrote from an idea by late author Siobhan Dowd. A copy of the A MONSTER CALLS film can be purchased HERE, and a copy of the novel can be found HERE.

Little has been revealed about Ness's story for THE MONSTER. All we know is that it's said to be a 

sparky contemporary horror film with a new take on the Frankenstein mythology.

I don't even know what it means to be a "sparky" film, but I'm interested to see what Ness's take on the Frankenstein mythology will be.

THE MONSTER will be produced by Marty Bowen, Isaac Klausner, and John Fischer of Temple Hill. Ness will be executive producing, and Jim Miller and Aaron Edmonds will be overseeing the production for Lionsgate.

This news reminds me that I need to get around to checking out A MONSTER CALLS sometime.

Source: Deadline

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