Will the same three masked-killers return in Strangers 2?

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

It wasn't too long ago now that we first shared the news the sequel to Bryan Bertino's classic home-invasion flick THE STRANGERS was finally set to be filmed this summer. A few weeks later we then shared some words per Bertino himself about how thrilled and excited he was about the sequel.

Now we are starting to hear the real scoops from behind the scenes. Mainly will those three scary-ass masked-killers be back for more knocking on doors and beating up cars? I hope so. Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman sure as sh*t aren't making it to the sequel.

Anyhow, THE STRANGERS producer Trevor Macy recently sat down with Daily Dead to talk about THE BYE BYE MAN. Of course, questions quickly turned to updates on THE STRANGERS 2.

Trevor Macy on THE STRANGERS 2:

I think expectations are very high on that movie. The original Strangers had a very timeless quality that I think the sequel will, too. So I’m hoping that it doesn’t feel like as long as it’s been.

Macy was then asked if THE STRANGERS 2 would be a direct continuation of the first film and, most importantly, if the sequel will be seeing the return of the three masked killers from the original movie.

I think that is safe to say.

Okay. While that's not a huge amount to go on, the answer sometimes is really that simple. YES. The original three masked killers will be back to stab the ass off more unhappy couples. 

Good to know!

The Strangers 2 synopsis:

A family whose road trip takes a turn when they arrive at a secluded mobile home park and after the power goes out they decide to hunker down for the night in a borrowed trailer. Under the cover of darkness, three familiar masked psychopaths pay them a visit to test their every limit. 

THE STRANGERS 2 is directed by Johannes Roberts (THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR) from a script written by Bertino (who of course wrote and directed the original) and Ben Ketai. Casting is underway with shooting scheduled for the summer.

Gemma Ward played "Dollface" in THE STRANGERS.

Source: Daily Dead

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