A new photo of Chris Pine as an armored-up Robert the Bruce charges in

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Netflix has shared yet another photo of WONDER WOMAN and STAR TREK actor Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce for the streamer's upcoming biographical action drama OUTLAW KING. In the photo, we see Pine as the King of Scots, draped in fine-quality chain mail and holding a formidable shield. There's also something of a knowing glare to Pine's steely, blue eyes, as he looks on with battle plans brewing in his brain meats.

Directing OUTLAW KING is HELL OR HIGH WATER helmer David Mackenzie, who's been shooting from a script that he co-wrote alongside Mark Bomback (WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES), Bathsheba Doran (TV's BOARDWALK EMPIRE), David Harrower (UNA) and James MacInnes (THE ROCKET POST).

When OUTLAW KING arrives, it aims to tell a true David vs. Goliath story of how the great 14th Century Scottish 'Outlaw King' Robert the Bruce used cunning and bravery to defeat and repel the much larger and better equipped occupying English army.

Recently while chatting with Entertainment Weekly, Gillian Barrie, Mackenzie's Scottish producing partner, spoke with the outlet about Robert the Bruce, and how his leadership and determination made him on of histoy's greatest warriors.

“Robert sacrificed everything he once owned to set Scotland free,” said Barrie. “He was the second richest person in the British Isles. He gave up everything to take on the most ridiculously powerful army and king. He had to go to hell and back.”

When asked about Pine's performance as the battletorn brute, Barrie told EW, “He’s amazing, apart from the fact his accent is spot on and his horsemanship was stunning,” Barrie gushed. “He was genuinely a leader for the rest of the cast. The amount of stunts and action he had to perform on a daily basis … riding in a wild terrain, thrown into waterfalls…my hat’s off to him, really.”

“I’m very happy for William to be a national treasure, an icon,” Barrie added. “But it’s much more deserving that Robert the Bruce gets his place in history.”

Starring alongside Pine in OUTLAW KING are Duncan Lacroix, Steven Cree, Alastair Mackenzie, and Florence Pugh.

The film will come charging onto Netflix beginning on November 9th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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