A Quiet Place: Day One: early reactions praise Nyong’o, franchise progression

The first reactions to prequel installment A Quiet Place: Day One have arrived, with viewers noting a dramatic shift in the franchise.

Last Updated on June 27, 2024

Quiet Place

The first reactions to A Quiet Place: Day One have tiptoed online just one week before it hits theaters, with many praising it as bringing a new twist to the ever-growing horror franchise. But how does it stack up against its predecessors?

Check out some of the initial reviews of A Quiet Place Day One:

As of now, reviews seem a bit divided on exactly how much action can be anticipated, with a split evident. That might be a bit of a disappointment for those looking for a certain level of thrills, but that director Michael Sarnoski has actively done his part to offer a new direction shows that the series refuses to be put into one mold. Well ahead of the movie’s screening, co-star Alex Wolff did try to tell people just as much, stating, “That’s not a horror movie, not really. I might get in trouble for saying that. It’s from the director of Pig, this film I did, so it’s very…It’s more a drama.”

Indeed, Pig is what helped Sarnoski land directing A Quiet Place: Day One, as John Krasinski was a fan. That aesthetic evidently is crucial to this prequel. “It wasn’t something that we leaned away from. In the first two, family was really important. And with that comes characters that have an established relationship. I wanted to explore what the end of the world looked like for people that didn’t have an established relationship, or a reason to care about each other.”

As you can see, Lupita Nyong’o is earning a lot of praise here, with fans naming her performance as a standout of the movie. Joseph Quinn – who played Eddie Munson on Stranger Things – has also latched on. And of course there is the cat, who potential viewers are already saying better not die!

A Quiet Place: Day One is on track for a $40+ million opening weekend, positioning it to more than double the 2018 original and somewhere in the neighborhood of the 2020 sequel, which opened near the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Quiet Place: Day One will play at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival before going wide on June 28th.

What do you think of the A Quiet Place: Day One reactions? Will you be checking it out in theaters? Let us know below!

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