A vacation goes bad in the trailer for Spanish slasher Verano Rojo

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

When Spanish filmmaker Carles Jofre set out to write and direct his own slasher movie, he had no intention of turning the sub-genre on its head, he just wanted to make a traditional slasher. A homage to films like THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, HALLOWEEN, HOUSE OF WAX, and FRIDAY THE 13TH that features and celebrates the clichés. A movie with a set-up we've all seen multiple times: "young people with no parental supervision end up in a remote place where a serial killer who wears a mask and holds a knife will hunt them to death".

Jofre's slasher is titled VERANO ROJO (English translation: RED SUMMER) and tells the story of

four youngsters who arrive in Mallorca to enjoy their idyllic holidays. Searching for the sunny beach and enjoyment, they'll end up finding themselves in the most inhospitable wilderness. That is the beginning of an infernal journey.

The cast includes Inés Pálmer, Juana Cruz Aina Zuazaga, Daniel Salom, Carlos Poyal, Gaspar Alemany, Guiem Juaneda, Dominic Hull, and BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR's Simón Andreu.

The teaser trailer for VERANO ROJO can be seen below, check it out and see what you think. (If you don't understand Spanish, you'll want to click on the CC button to get English subtitles.) 

The film looks and sound interesting to me, and Jofre's choice to stick to the tropes is something I can respect and understand. While a twist on an old set-up can be fun, I love old school slashers and still want to see new entries in the sub-genre that are made just like they were in the good old days. I hope to enjoy VERANO ROJO the same as I would enjoy giving a first viewing to a newly unearthed '80s slasher.

Source: Arrow in the Head, Facebook

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