AITH Recommends: Mulholland Drive on Netflix & 4K restoration update

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Back in the late 90s, David Lynch wrote and directed the pilot for a new ABC series called MULHOLLAND DRIVE. Turns out the pilot wasn't picked up by the network. Too strange, I am assuming. Anyhow, never one to just let shite sit on the shelf, Lynch gained further financing and crafted the pilot into a feature film. The result was the masterpiece MULHOLLAND DRIVE.

MULHOLLAND DRIVE is seriously in my top 5 flicks of all time. Right up there with DIE HARD, SCREAM and BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II. I watch the film (at least) once a year and try to get any and everyone I know to watch it as well.

It is now streaming on Netflix by the way…

But we're not here to discuss streaming today, no. Today, we are talking about the 4k restoration the film has just received. We have a trailer for the new release and a poster for you to check out below.

Now I have to warn you that the 4k of MULHOLLAND DRIVE is only screening and available in the UK as of right now. But believe me when I say, I will let you guys know asap when a US release date is set.

Until then you can read The Arrow's 10/10 review for MULHOLLAND DRIVE RIGHT HERE, and you can stream the flick on Netflix tonight RIGHT HERE. Also, remember to check out the 4k trailer below, along with the 4k poster, and some of my favorite MULHOLLAND DRIVE art.


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