Alison Pill’s new boobs receive online validation in exclusive Zoom clip

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Alison Pill Zoom JoBlo Exclusive

Pedro Morelli's ZOOM is comprised of three stories which are all linked together in startling ways – a beautiful model (Mariana Ximenes) begins writing a book, a famous director (Gael Garcia Bernal) sets out to make an arthouse movie and a sex doll factory employee (Alison Pill) decides to get breast implants. ZOOM premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival but now that the flick is due to hit theaters stateside, we're able to present you with an exclusive clip featuring Alison Pill's Emma Boyle going through the time honoured tradition of selecting that perfect Facebook profile pic.

Although Emma Boyle spends her days working at a sex doll factory, she's also a talented comic artist who unfortunately feels insecure about her average looks (oh Hollywood). When the breast implants she gets wind up being far too big, Emma needs to find a way to make enough money to reverse the surgery. Our own Eric Walkuski reviewed ZOOM earlier this week and called it a "thoroughly unexpected surprise" which fans of Charlie Kaufman will likely eat up. You can check out that review right here before you head back and watch that clip again.

ZOOM will hit theaters on September 2, 2016. Why…that's today! Huzzah!


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