Ally McBeal sequel series in the works at ABC, but will Calista Flockhart return?

Ally McBeal, sequel series

A little over a year ago, there were rumblings that an Ally McBeal sequel series was in the early stages of development. Deadline has now reported that the series has taken another step forward, with Karin Gist (Mike) coming onboard to write and executive produce.

Ally McBeal starred Calista Flockhart as the titular character, a lawyer at the Boston law firm Cage and Fish who worked alongside her ex-lover and his wife. The series followed the romantic and personal lives of the main characters, using the legal proceedings as a plot device. Deadline hears that the Ally McBeal sequel series would follow a new lead, a young Black woman who joins Cage and Fish fresh out of law school. She also happens to be the daughter of Renée Raddick (Lisa Nicole Carson), Ally McBeal’s best friend and roommate in the original series. As to whether Calista Flockhart might return, the actress has apparently been approached to reprise her role as well as executive produce the sequel series, but a decision won’t be made until a script has been written.

Ally McBeal creator David E. Kelley isn’t expected to be involved in the sequel series but has given Karin Gist his blessing. Beyond the dancing baby and Robert Downey Jr., I don’t know all that much about Ally McBeal, but even I am aware of how hugely popular and influential the series was during its heyday. It’s been twenty years since the original series concluded, so perhaps the world is ready for a fresh take on Ally McBeal. Karen Gist’s next project is Mike, a limited series for Hulu starring Trevante Rhodes as Mike Tyson. The series will tell the story of the dynamic and controversial life of the boxing icon and will premiere on Hulu on August 25th.

Would you be down for an Ally McBeal sequel series?

Source: Deadline

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