Amy Smart topless

CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE, Amy Smart If you thought the writing/directing duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor had sufficiently sexified delicious blond cookie Amy Smart in the original CRANK, what with the very public doggy style boning, you’d be wrong. In the currently filming CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE, in which the seemingly indestructible Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) is now implanted with an artificial heart that must have regular jolts of electricity to keep it pumping, Smart is involved in something that requires her to be topless (with modest black tape covering her nipplage, of course) in some tiny hotpants, on all fours while, of course, beating cops. This is presumably another sexacapade she’s involved in with Chelios (cause nothing gets the electricity pumping like good, old-fashioned humping) but, at this point, it could be anything. Get more, higher res pictures over HERE. Statham begins charging his heart sometime next year.

Source: JFX Online

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