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CRANK The last time we saw Chev Chelios (i.e. Jason Statham’s character in the actioner CRANK from the writing/directing duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor), he was falling off a helicopter several hundred feet off the ground, presumably plummeting towards certain death. That is, of course, until somebody gave the green light on a sequel – the aptly titled CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE. In it, not only does Chelios survive the fall but he’s implanted with an artificial heart that requires regular jolts of electricity to keep pumping. How exactly does someone survive a fall like that and what kinda heart would require steady electrical shocks? Well, the folks at Latino Review have the answers to those questions. They even have pictures. And as it could be considered spoiler material, click with caution. Check it out HERE. The high voltage action begins next year.

Source: Latino Review

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