Aquaman’s Jason Momoa takes on Jimmy Fallon in trident throwing challenge

Being the hero of the seven seas is not an easy task, and in order to do so, one must have the power, courage and grace of a warrior – the supremacy of the mighty trident in your hands. In order to see who was the worthiest to harness this power, Jimmy Fallon and AQUAMAN star Jason Momoa had an epic contest of strength and skill on THE TONIGHT SHOW, the victor being granted all the powers of a worthy champion of man. Okay, the prize may have just been bragging rights, but that’s just as good.


Momoa stopped by the show ahead of his appearance on Saturday Night Live tomorrow and two weeks before the arrival of his massive superhero blockbuster. Fallon, approaching it like some ordinary game, and not the battle to end all battles, seemed a bit nervous as Momoa circled his opponent like a hungry lion. “I swear to God, every second I feel like he just might snap one of these days and that’s how it ends for me,” Fallon joked.

Momoa then took it to the next level, throwing off his jacket, his boots, his other accessories and prepared for combat, He even shouted an intimidating war cry before his first throw at the makeshift Ocean Master, landing a vicious gut shot. What this is meant to convey is 1.) Momoa is the true Aquaman and 2.) Even when he’s being super nice and friendly he’s a terrifying individual. 

AQUAMAN is in theaters December 21.


Source: The Tonight Show

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