Arnold Schwarzenegger urges fans to watch Sly on Netflix

The Stallone and Schwarzenegger bromance is alive and well, with the latter encouraging his fans to watch Sly on Netflix.

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The Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone bromance is alive and well. This weekend sees the release of Netflix’s Stallone documentary, Sly, and the iconic star’s former mortal enemy turned BFF, Arnold Schwarzenegger has given the film a hearty endorsement on his Instagram:

Arnold, who appears in the documentary discussing his rivalry with Stallone, wrote, “I am so proud of you, my friend @officialslystallone. Everybody, watch Sly on @netflix.” Sly, in response, wrote back, “Thank you so much big man! That means a great deal coming from a great friend.”

In the clip that Schwarzenegger features in his Instagram, Arnie remembers passing on the script for Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. At the time, Schwarzenegger was riding high off the success of two comedies, Twins and Kindergarten Cop, and Stallone was eager to try his hand at the genre. He and Schwarzenegger were in a bitter rivalry then, so Arnold, knowing the script stank, let a rumour get out that he was planning on starring in the guaranteed flop, hoping Sly would sign on to the film and embarrass himself. He did, and the movie was a disaster (which we dived into in an episode of Stallone Revisited that’s embedded below). 

Despite the initial animosity between the two, Schwarzenegger and Stallone became friends around the time they invested in Planet Hollywood together, and in recent years, the two have had a remarkably close relationship. The two appeared in the first three Expendables movies together (wisely passing on the fourth), as well as the film Escape Plan, and are quick to promote each other’s projects on social media. Indeed, whatever rivalry they once had is dead and buried, with the two perhaps realizing that the competition enhanced their careers rather than took away from them.

Will you be watching Sly this weekend? Let us know in the comments, and check out our review here!

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