Audition (1999) Revisited – Horror Movie Review

It’s time for a new episode of our video series Best Foreign Horror Movies, and this time we’re looking back at Audition (get it HERE), the most popular of the seven Takashi Miike-directed projects that were released in 1999. To find out what we had to say about this Japanese horror classic, check out the video embedded above!

Scripted by Daisuke Tengan and based on a novel by Ryû Murakami, Audition has the following synopsis:

Widow Aoyama decides to start dating again. Aided by a film-producer friend, Aoyama uses auditions for a fake production to function as a dating service. When Aoyama becomes intrigued by the withdrawn, gorgeous Asami, they begin a relationship. However, he begins to realize that Asami isn’t as reserved as she appears to be, leading to gradually increased tension and a harrowing climax.

The film stars Ryo Ishibashi, Miyuki Matsuda, and Eihi Shiina.

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The Audition episode of the show was Written and Narrated by Andrew Hatfield, Edited by Gonzalo Lopez, Produced by John Fallon, and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

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