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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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If you kept up with the first season of MTV's Scream: The Series, you may remember that the finale left us with doubts as to the allegiance of teen victim Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus). If this new set of images scored by Entertainment Weekly is anything to go by, the upcoming second season will be focused largely on this plotline.

Of the four images, only one features foolish Final Girl Emma. The rest are all Audrey, looking various degrees of suspicious. One of the images shows her with the killer standing behind her, though that doesn't necessarily absolve her of guilt. Obviously, the Scream franchise likes to play it fast and loose with the amount of killers, and it could always be a mannequin or a scene from a dream sequence.

Obviously, we'll have to wait and find out, but anybody who remembers the clip of Courteney Cox taking off the Ghostface mask in the Scream 4 trailer will know to expect a bit of misdirection. Check out the images below!

Season two begins with:

Emma's return to Lakewood after several months at a retreat, where she tried to recover from the horrors of last season.

Joining returning actors Willa Fitzgerald, John Karna, Tom Maden, Tracy Middendorf, Amadeus Serafini, and Carlson Young are Kiana Lede as driven overachiever Zoe; Santiago Segura as dark and brooding outsider/artist Gustavo, who is deeply into horror, serial killers, and comic books; Anthony Ruivivar as Gustavo's father Sheriff Michael Acosta; Austin Highsmith as high school psychology teacher Karen Lang; Sean Grandillo as Eli, whose squaky clean image may be hiding ulterior motives; and Karina Logue as proper, polite, self-reliant Tina Hudson.

Scream: The Series slashes onto MTV on Monday, May 30th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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