Review Date:
Director: Roger Vadim
Writer: Jean-Claude Forest, Claude Brule
Producers: Dino De Laurentiis
Jane Fonda
John Phillip Law
Anita Pallenberg
I just couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

Can a movie be so horribly BAD and really, really cheezily GOOD all at the same time?! Oh, absolutely! This film is an EXCELLENT example of campy fun crap that hopefully wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously.

The film has that certain Ed Woodian feel to it, with horrible sets, obvious blue screens, a corny story, bad-BAD dialogue, over-the-top actors and enough sexual laundry to give any healthy teenage boy a solid woody for a week (past my prime, my woody only lasted a few hours).

Jane Fonda is super-sexy in this flick and the outfits that they made her wear are absolutely incredible. Even having simply “heard” the rumor about Drew Barrymore wanting to remake this movie with her in the starring role, made me CRINGE beyond belief!

This film deserved sequels.

It deserves to be shown at every repertory theatre in the world, and it deserves to be a cult classic.

Star Trek episodes, look out, cause Barbarella rules and she wants to f**k her way to the bad guy (and I’m not kidding about that either, THAT’S the actual plot of the movie…Barbarella shagging every guy that helps her along the way). Woo-hoo to women’s lib!

TRIVIA TIDBIT: The bad guy’s name in this film is Duran Duran. The name after which that infamous 80s British band branded themselves.

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