The Flintstones sequel series for adults is in development

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Quick! Someone drop the bird's beak on the turtle turntable and crank up the prehistoric jams because a Flintstones sequel series has rolled onto Fox. Say it with me, folks, Yabba-Dabba-Doo!

Word has arrived by an exotic talking bird that Fox is developing a primetime animated adult comedy series with Elizabeth Banks (Charlie Angels, Hunger Games) star set to voice Pebbles Flintstone in addition to producing. Banks has been developing the project, titled Bedrock, for several years with Warner Bros. Animation under her overall deal via her Brownstone Productions studio.

Bedrock will follow the Flintstone family two decades after the original, with Fred on the brink of retirement and 20-something Pebbles embarking on her own career. As the Stone Age gives way to a shiny and enlightened new Bronze Age, the residents of Bedrock will find this evolution harder than a swing from Bamm-Bamm’s club.

In The Flintstones canon, Pebbles grows up and finds a job working for an advertising company, marries her childhood friend, Bamm-Bamm, moves to Hollyrock, a fictional version of Hollywood. This is all according to ABC's 1993 made-for-television animated movie, of course. For the moment, there's no telling if the new series will find Pebbles in the same position.

Penning the pilot script for Bedrock is Lindsay Kerns, who has written episodes of both Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous and DC Super Hero Girls.

“Long before the Simpsons and Springfield, the Griffins and Quahog or even when the Belchers started serving burgers on Ocean Avenue, there were the Flintstones and Bedrock,” said Michael Thorn, President, Entertainment, Fox Entertainment. “Their imprint on the animation universe is undeniable and the idea of adapting it for today’s audience is a challenge we here at Fox are very much looking forward to taking on with Warner Bros., Elizabeth, and Lindsay. No pressure whatsoever, really.”

The Flintstones are the first family of primetime animation,” added Peter Girardi, Executive Vice President, Alternative Programming at Warner Bros. Animation. “Elizabeth and Lindsay have a brilliant take on these characters, and Fox and Brownstone are the perfect partners to bring them back to primetime. This is going to rock, sorry.”

Source: Deadline

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