Bill & Ted Face The Music was a big hit on VOD

It looks like BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC has had a "most excellent" run on VOD since its release a few weeks ago. The numbers are in and the film is a hit, despite coming out during a time when its release was tampered by the global pandemic.

According to "Deadline", BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC took in around $32 million from VOD alone. As of now, the film's theatrical run has brought in about $5 million globally with $3.2 million coming from the domestic front. The domestic total is also decent considering that the film accomplished it with no more than 1,007 theaters in North America receiving the sequel at its widest point of release. 

BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC cost a reported $25 million to make and even with additional marketing costs, the third film of the franchise is on its way to a decent profit. Compared to the doom and gloom that people have been talking about these days, the film was able to defy the odds with good reviews and giving movie watchers a fun film to view during some pretty dismal times that have dominated most of our news coverage. It really did provide a perfect distraction.

The news of BILL & TED's impressive VOD numbers comes as it was announced that the will be available to purchase Digitally on October 20, 2020, with the Blu-ray release following on November 10th, 2020. The release of the Blu-ray will allow the movie to achieve more profitability and while it could be put into question whether or not the film would've been performed better theatrically, this represents another win for the VOD format which has been brought to the forefront as the pandemic knee-capped traditional moviegoing. 

Are YOU surprised the film did so well on PVOD? Do YOU think it would've performed better theatrically?

Source: Deadline

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