Black Adam rakes in $143 million globally, while Ticket to Paradise inches towards $100 million worldwide

Black Adam, Tickets to Paradise

One opponent people didn’t anticipate Dwayne Johnson to take on is the tag team of A-listers George Clooney and Julia Roberts. While it’s really no competition as people are more likely to flock to a big-budget superhero action movie than a rom-com, as well as Johnson doing his worldwide promotional tour blitz, both movies are actually performing better than previously projected. This means there’s still life in a mid-budget comedy with no special effects. So everybody wins!

Deadline reports on the international market numbers. With a mass-appealing star like Johnson, even though he was adamant that his origin story is that of an edgier hero who will kill people, families all over the world would still make up most of his audience with a current total of $143 mil over the weekend. The movie would see a massive jump in numbers from just Friday to Saturday, with examples like 90% in Australia, 98% in Korea, and 67% in France. The film would also score the highest audience score on Rotten Tomatoes for a DC movie in over a decade with a 90%.

Black Adam would take in $10.8 million globally from IMAX screenings alone. However, with it being the spooky season, horror movies are still in play, as the creepy film, Smile, would add $10 mil this weekend to its total global gross at $166.3 mil. Meanwhile, Michael Myers still stalks behind as it totals $82 mil this weekend with a 62% drop for Halloween Ends. It should be noted that this release also had a tandem streaming exclusive on the Peacock app.

And finally, the Ocean’s Eleven reunion of George Clooney and Julia Roberts, Ticket to Paradise closes in on $100 mil with a total take of $96.6 mil worldwide. This beats some previous global successful titles like Crazy Rich Asians, House of Gucci, and The Lost City. The modest film would go on to top lifetime totals of Yesterday and About Time.
Source: Deadline

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