Blu-ray news: Twilight Time feels The Fury while Olive Films re-release The Monster Squad and more!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

2013 is shaping up to be a banner year for horror home video releases. To cap off our Scream Factory news from yesterday, we have new releases announced from Twilight Time and Olive Films.

First up, Twilight Time has announced it will be bringing Brian De Palma’s telekinetic thriller THE FURY onto hi-def March 12th. As with all of their releases, the number of discs will be limited to 3,000 copies. No artwork or specs have yet been announced, but the film is going to be presented in its original 1:85:1 aspect ratio, which is a good start.

Next, Olive Films have announced a solid batch of horror and action Blu-rays hitting shelves February 19th, all priced at $24.99 a pop. First up is Brian Trenchard-Smith’s DTV sequel NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2, which will be beating its predecessor onto the format. No specs or features have yet been announced, unfortunately.

Also seeing re-release is THE MONSTER SQUAD, which went out-of-print a few months back. No specs or extras have been announced for this one yet either, but one can assume the big batch of features included in the Lions Gate version will remain intact. Nevertheless, I think we can all agree the new art is a huge improvement over the previous release.

Finally, February 19th will also see the re-release of HIGHLANDER 2: THE RENEGADE VERSION. Curiously, that Blu-ray has remained in print via Lions Gate for some time now. Based on the art work we may be getting the original RENEGADE VERSION that was on DVD before the studio went all George Lucas and improved the effects digitally for the SPECIAL EDITION. Check out The Arrow’s outstanding two part editorial on the history of HIGHLANDER 2 and its various edits for more info on the differences. Oh, and again, no specs or features are yet announced. Are we seeing a running theme here?

Until more details come out, I’d suggest you start saving your Christmas money to snag a few of these titles. If only to experience the wonder that is Virginia Madsen in hi-definition…

Source:, Dread Central

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