Borat 2 marketing campaign congratulates Donald Trump’s debate performance

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Promptly after last night's Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Sacha Baron Cohen has unveiled the first teaser for the sequel to the 2006 film, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

In the Borat 2 teaser, which arrives via the Republic of Kazakhstan Twitter page, Baron Cohen's clever character is heard pumping up Donald Trump's re-election campaign while a series of videos and images of the President highlights a number of his … qualities.

You can check out the tweet and teaser below:

Recently it was revealed that Borat 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime on October 23, mere days before the next U.S. Presidential election is set to take place. According to sources, Baron Cohen risked his life multiple times to shoot the scenes in this film. In fact, Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr. says the in-disguise filmmaker had to wear a bulletproof vest on two different shooting days, and on many days, there were risky and dangerous scenarios involved with capturing the footage. It's also been said that it was a rush to the finish line to have the film ready before Election Day. Additionally, rather than risk putting the film out in theaters, Baron Cohen struck a deal with Amazon to make certain that the film was ready to view by a mass audience before this year's historical election goes down near the start of November.

Whether or not Borat will continue his satirical support of Donald Trump's leadership in the upcoming film remains to be seen. Thankfully, fans of the character won't have long to wait before Kazakstani interviewer returns with another hard-hitting look at some of the world's most infamous political figures.

Source: Twitter

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