Borat 2 to be great success for Amazon Prime with late October premiere

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Is nice! After news that Sacha Baron Cohen had secretly filmed the sequel to BORAT followed by the leak of the unwieldy yet hilarious potential title, news has now come down the wire that we will see the guerilla comedy much sooner than expected. Amazon Prime has acquired BORAT 2 with plans to debut the film in just about a month. Do you know what else happens in about a month? That's right: Election Day!

Cohen, who has taken Americans to task in recent years as Borat, Bruno, and in his hilarious series Who is America, will do so again. This time, he does so in a world with Donald Trump as President, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the Black Lives Matter movement in full swing.

Sacha Baron Cohen has never pulled any punches and mocks Liberals and Conservatives in equal measure. With BORAT 2 being the first major film fully produced after the COVID-19 shutdown of Hollywood, we will see a look at the new state of the world in feature film form for the first time.

According to sources, Baron Cohen risked his life multiple times to shoot the scenes in this film. In fact, the way Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr.s tells it, the in-disguise filmmaker had to wear a bulletproof vest on two different shooting days, and on many days, there were risky and dangerous scenarios involved with capturing the footage. It's also been said that it was a rush to the finish line to have the film ready before Election Day. Additionally, rather than risk putting the film out in theaters, Baron Cohen struck a deal with Amazon to make certain that the film was ready to view by a mass audience before this year's election takes place near the start of November.

Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat sequel will premiere on October 23 on Amazon Prime and its subscribers in 240 countries and territories.

Source: Deadline

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