Bruce Willis’ wife hopeful his diagnosis can help others

The wife of Bruce Willis, Emma Heming Willis, hopes more awareness and understanding will be brought to his condition.

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

Bruce Willis

In the nine months since it was announced that Bruce Willis frontotemporal dementia – so many have shown their support behind the actor. Fortunately, too, is that family members have kept fans in the loop during the difficult times. At the forefront has been his wife, Emma Heming Willis, who has offered words both devastating to hear and even of hope.

In a recent piece published in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper, Emma Heming Willis wrote that the stretch between when Bruce Willis was diagnosed and now has offered some glimmers of positive possibilities she may not have otherwise expected, chiefly in how her husband’s prominence can help bring more awareness. “I have so much more hope today than I did after Bruce was first diagnosed. I understand this disease more now, and I’m now connected to an incredible community of support. I have hope in having found a new purpose—admittedly one I never would have gone looking for—using the spotlight to help and empower others. And I have hope in how our entire family can find joy in the small things, and in coming together to celebrate all the moments life has to offer.”

She added that her connection to someone as famous as Bruce Willis will be a powerful tool in helping people understand just what frontotemporal dementia is and means. “As hard as it was to come forward about Bruce’s FTD diagnosis, I knew I needed to raise my voice to bring awareness to this disease. The world needs to know that not all dementia is Alzheimer’s and that not all dementia impacts memory.”

Emma Heming Willis – who married Bruce Willis in 2009 – is no stranger to prominence herself, serving as a model for the likes of Chanel, Dior, Valentino, and many more. If her marriage to one of the greatest movie stars ever can help bring awareness and understanding to such a horrible disease, that’s all the better.

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Source: Maria Schriver's Sunday Post

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