Bullet Train Down exclusive trailer: new high-speed, action-packed movie coming from The Asylum

Director David Leitch’s star-studded action movie Bullet Train is set to reach theatres on August 5th – but a mockbuster from The Asylum is going to beat the film to the big screen, as it’s getting a theatrical release on July 29th! The Asylum’s movie is called Bullet Train Down, and we’re proud to share the EXCLUSIVE first look at its trailer. Check it out in the embed above!

Bullet Train Down comes off like it’s a mockbuster of at least three different properties at once. As mentioned, the release coincides with the release of the shorter titled Bullet Train. By adding Down to the title, it brings to mind the action movie White House Down (which, like Bullet Train, had Joey King in the cast). And then the plot of the movie sounds more like Speed than it sounds like Bullet Train.

Directed by Brian Nowak (Megalodon Rising) from a script written by Alex Heerman (Airliner Sky Battle), Bullet Train Down has the following synopsis:

On its super-hyped maiden run from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the world’s fastest bullet train is rigged with a bomb that will explode if it dips below 200 mph. Now a highly skilled military veteran, along with the train’s billionaire owner, must figure out how to diffuse the bomb before it destroys all aboard.

The film stars Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), Rashod Freelove (War of the Worlds: Annihilation), Zack Gold (Pam & Tommy), and Lesley Grant (Paradise Hills).

Bullet Train Down‘s theatrical run will last from July 29th through August 4th. It will be playing in the following theatres:

Laemmle Glendale – Glendale, CA

Hickory Ridge Cinemas – Brunswick, OH

Trylon Cinema – Minneapolis, MN

O Cinema South Beach – Miami Beach, FL

Aurora Cineplex – Roswell, GA

How does Bullet Train Down look to you after watching the trailer? Will you be watching this movie, and are you a fan of The Asylum movies in general? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Bullet train down trailer

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