The Twisters trailer: The Asylum mockbuster is now on digital and in select theatres

The Asylum has made a Twisters mockbuster called The Twisters, and a trailer has arrived online to promote the digital and theatrical release

Director Lee Isaac Chung’s Twisters, a long-awaited follow-up to director Jan De Bont’s 1996 classic disaster film Twister, is set to reach theatres on July 19th – and as of right now, it looks like it could do some big business… but you never know what’s going to happen with the box office these days. Before Twisters reaches the big screen, The Asylum has already swooped in and released their latest mockbuster, The Twisters, on digital and in select theatres. You can watch a trailer for The Twisters in the embed above.

The film was directed by Michael Su, who has previously directed Death Count, Bridge of the Doomed, Night of the Tommyknockers, 2025 Armageddon, Transmorphers: Mech Beasts, Bloodthirst, and Snow White and the Seven Samurai – and that’s just what he has made over the last few years. He’s currently in post-production on Bikers vs. Werewolves, and also happens to be an incredibly prolific cinematographer.

On The Twisters, Su was working from a script by Jeffery Anderson (Alien Apocalypse), who crafted the following story: Dozens of deadly tornados converge in the Midwest, merging into a mega twister set to obliterate everything for hundreds of miles.

The Twisters stars 80s pop star Tiffany, who also starred in Mega Piranha and Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. Also in the cast are Kayla Fields (The Exorcists, Top Gunner: America vs. Russia), Paul Logan (America Is Sinking, Days of Our Lives), Curtis Strong (Father of Lies, Smelly Consequences), and Mark Justice (Clown Motel, Murder Syndicate).

If you want to catch The Twisters on the big screen, you’ll have the chance to do so at these theatres:

Laemmle – Glendale, California
Hickory Ridge Cinemas – Brunswick, Ohio
Trylon Cinema – Minneapolis, Minnesota
O Cinema – South Beach, Miami, Florida
Aurora Cineplex – Roswell, Georgia

The Twisters was once going by the title Tornadopocalypse, but apparently The Asylum wanted to make it even more clear that this project is a Twisters mockbuster, so they changed the title.

What did you think of the trailer for The Twisters? Will you be watching both this movie and Twisters this summer? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

The Twisters

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