Cast This: Ant-Man

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Let’s jump right in on this week’s “Cast This”, shall we?

This week, Edgar Wright received an an interesting piece of Ant-Man centric art in the post. I’m not sure what it meant. Perhaps it was some unfinished bathroom signs? That sneaky little director didn’t give us any clues. All he does is tease. I want some satisfaction, Wright.

So maybe one day we will get an Ant-Man movie. Wright still wants to do it. The story of Ant-Man begins with Henry Pym. While people do get sick of origin stories, this is one that definitely needs to be told. Ant-Man isn’t one of your Batmans or Supermans in terms of popularity. Basically, Pym isn’t a household hero. Ant-Man, also known as biochemist Henry Pym discovered subatomic particles that reduced his size to that of an ant. That fancy little helmet he wears? Pym created that to control and communicate with the ants. If you want more background, read up here.

Well, I’m not here to discuss the techincals of the movie, just here to get your ideas for Ant-Man. Who will it be? Who is the best fit for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man?


1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan 2. Kevin Durand 3. Jason Momoa

No big surprises in these results, at least not to me anyway. I’ve heard these names any time the subject comes up. Reader Hyperkulturemia mentioned that the role needed to go to someone who was “built like a tank and has comedic chops”. I don’t doubt that any of these guys could get jacked, but can they be funny? Morgan has shown this quality, especially in WATCHMEN. I know that’s the obvious answer, but that was the sort of humor that Lobo conveys. What about Durand and Momoa? Both have done comedies, but can they get that Lobo personality?


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