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Last Updated on July 31, 2021

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It’s been awhile since we looked at re-casting a movie that initially served no purpose other than to make us laugh, and for boys to find a purpose for the pause button. I’m talking about the John Hughes 1985 classic WEIRD SCIENCE and its real star, Lisa. She’s a beautiful and intelligent woman with seemingly endless powers created after two horny guys hook electrodes to a doll and hack into a government computer system. As of 2013, a remake of Weird Science has been said to be in development at Universal Studios, with Joel Silver returning as producer.

Lisa was a knockout then and so a new contender for the role would have to bring the same gorgeous features to the screen. I know it’s a PC world now, but how great would it be to have an edgier take on this movie with a sizzling lead like one of the ladies I’m going to suggest. Do we want another model? What about an established actress?

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I'm not familiar with all the hottest models that are currently out there so you guys might have to help me. I spent some time on our Movie Hotties site but that was too distracting. My three choices would consist of Margot Robbie, considered by many to be the hottest woman alive. Kate Upton, also one of the hottest women alive, and Emilia Clarke, one of the hottest women alive. There is a trend here.

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Of all those names, Robbie would be my first choice. She can act and has the attitude for the role. Upton isn’t our best actress; she’s making her way still, but does look like a two boy dreamt her up right? Clarke, the Queen of Dragons and with an accent too isn’t my favorite because honestly, she’s a worse actress than Upton in my opinion – she does have a sense of humor however, and could bring a lot of fun to the role.

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What are some other names you guys would want to see for the role? How about Naomie Harris? She played Moneypenny in the last two James Bond films and is stunning to say the least. There’s Charlotte McKinney and Alexandra Daddario from the upcoming BAYWATCH movie! They’re talented in so many ways.

Who do you think should play Lisa? Cast your vote in the comments.

RESULTS BELOW FROM CAST THIS: Tony Montana 1. Pedro Pascal 2. Oscar Isaac 3. Benicio Del Toro

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