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Last Updated on July 31, 2021

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It was only a matter of time before we were given the task of casting Nathaniel Essex aka Mister Sinister. His inclusion on the big screen was finally hinted at during the mysterious post-credit scene for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE with the reveal of “Essex Corp,” which naturally means the villain is on his way, but to which film? Writer/producer Simon Kinberg and director Bryan Singer revealed on the commentary track for Apocalypse that the villain will appear in WOLVERINE 3!

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Sinister is a ruthless man who has no compunctions about ruining the lives of others to get what he wants. He prefers to operate in the shadows, letting lackeys and unsuspecting dupes do his dirty work. He is arrogant, confident, and expects total obedience from his underlings. He is even known to have collaborated with members of the Nazi party! Needless to say, he’s an asshole.

Given the cast for the film is already in place, there are a number of choices for who could be playing the villain in the film, including Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, or even Stephen Merchant (probably not). We know that the primary villains for the film will include both The Reavers, as well as Wolverine’s favorite group: Weapon X. Sinister’s role in the film may not get the front of the stage treatment but would be tied to the creation of X-23, the young female clone of Wolverine, which makes the post-credit scene for Apocalypse make sense.

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So who could play the part? Although it’s probably cast, it could always be cast again for a later movie. The idea that Bryan Cranston could take on the role has been the most popular opinion on the internet it seems. He’s been itching for a part in a superhero movie and I think we can all agree it was a missed opportunity not casting him as Lex Luthor in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. He looks the part and it’s not even a question that he could bring his brand of intensity to the role. My other casting choices would be Jason Isaacs and Mark Strong; two actors who have (mostly) and should only be cast as villains. Do you remember how much of a dick Isaacs was in THE PATRIOT? Bring that to this role, turn it up to 11, and you got yourself a performance. Strong’s slow and yet intimidating role in SHERLOCK HOLMES always comes to mind when I think of him, it’s left an impact so he’s doing something right with those dead yes of his.

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Who do you think should have the role? Let us know below!

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