Cool Horror Gear: Super7’s SDCC Alien Egg Chamber & Deep Space Mystery Egg

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

What I wouldn't give to be at this years San Diego Comic Con with some extra coin in my pocket. On top of all the cool comics, cosplay, and film-related goodness, there's also a lot of cool collectables to be found at SDCC, and today we have the info on two ultra-kickass SDCC exclusives from Super7 that you'll wanna get your hands on.

First up we have the ReAction ALIEN Egg Chamber Playset, which is packaged like a toy straight out of the 1970′s with a platform dotted with Alien eggs and a backdrop that depicts the cavernous confines of the chamber. A Kane figure comes with the set, decked out in his spacesuit and crafted in a short and bulky cartoon-like style that fits the toy’s tone. There's only 250 numbered items available at $100 apiece (limit one per SDCC customer) so if you're be at SDCC you better get to booth #5245 quick and pick one up.

Super7 will also offer the ALIEN Deep Space Mystery Egg that houses an unknown figure, making the egg a blind box. The egg is reportedly a foot-pegged stand for the figure contained inside. Listed at $25 an egg, this figure is limited to four per person. Pretty damn awesome! In space, no one can hear you scream, but if I had one of these you'd hear my screams of joy echo through the halls of Comic Con.

Source: Super7, Cool Toy Review

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