Cool Videos: Snubbed 2013 –’s Oscar Tribute to those who were left off the ballot

Our man, Nick Bosworth, has created yet another masterful compilation, this time featuring the biggest snubs of the Oscar’s this year, showcasing the numerous films and talent left off the ballot, such as Kathryn Bigelow for ZERO DARK THIRTY, MOONRISE KINGDOM for best picture, Leonardo DiCaprio for best supporting actor, Ben Affleck for best director, THE MASTER for best picture, and RISE OF THE GUARDIANS for best animated film, amongst many others.  It’s a solid round up of snubs and although some selections may not vibe with your personal taste, the further you get into the video, the more you realize just how many worthy films were left off the table.

In the long run, the Oscar’s is Hollywood awarding itself, so the people’s opinion really doesn’t matter a lick to the Academy, but from the outside looking in it can be interesting to see just what Hollywood deems to be the best vs. what the people do.  I think that’s probably the biggest allure of the Oscars.

Get snubbed:


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