COVID-19 lockdown anthology film With/In will feature an all-star cast

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Who's ready to spend a portion of their quarantine with some of Hollywood's finest? It's been announced that celebrities like Julianne Moore, Don Cheadle, Sanaa Lathan, Rebecca Hall, Chris Cooper, Alessandro Nivola, Emily Mortimer, Rosie Perez, and Debra Winger are among several actors who are poised to join an all-star cast for WITH/IN, a remotely-filmed anthology feature revolving around themes of confinement and isolation.

The project hails from Trudie Styler and Celine Rattray’s recently rebranded Maven Screen Media, who alongside the above-listed celebrities will produce a collection of short films dedicated to presenting stories that take place during lockdown. Plans for the COVID-related project came about when Maven and Emmy-winning writer-producer Margaret Nagle asked family and friends to craft stories that revolve around the anxiety and emotional turmoil that comes with having to remain indoors. According to Deadline, stories set to be included in the presentation include a couple stuck together after a one night stand, kids scheming to run away from their paranoid dad, a divorced couple isolating together for the sake of their dog, and a widow dealing with her grief.

“We wanted to explore what isolation means to different people, and asked a handful of artists whose work we really admire,” Celine Rattray and Trudie Styler said in a joint statement. “What they came up with, to our delight, were stories about human connection that were powerful and funny and very different. Our plan is to continue to tell these stories, and to capture a moment in time that is continuing to change.”

Margaret Nagle added: “This moment is collectively bigger than we are and we wanted to capture that. The stories carry themes of love, loss, redemption, hope, and transition told through the lens of these artists. The world has been altered so radically in such a short period of time and we wanted to explore creativity within the barriers of confinement and create new forms of storytelling.”

The With/In filmmakers and cast include:

– Nuts, Directed by Chris Cooper, Written by Marianne Leone, starring Marianne Leone and Chris Cooper

    – Neighborhood Watch, Written and Directed by Sam Nivola, starring Emly Mortimer, Alessandro Nivola, May Nivola and Sam Nivola

    – One Night Stand, Written and Directed by Griffin Dunne, starring Griffin Dunne and Zonia Pelensky

    – Touching, Directed by Jonathan Cake and Julianne Nicholson, Written by Jonathan Cake, starring Julianne Nicholson, Jonathan Cake, Iggy Cake, Phoebe Cake

    – Mother!! Directed by Morgan Spector and Maya Singer, Written by Maya Singer, starring Rebecca Hall, Morgan Spector and Maya Singer

    – Coco and Gigi, Written and Directed by Rosie Perez, starring Rosie Perez and Justina Machado

    – In the Air, Written and Directed by Bill Camp and Elizabeth Marvel, starring Bill Camp, Elizabeth Marvel and Silas Camp

    – Her Own, Written and Directed by Arliss Howard, starring Debra Winger and Arliss Howard

    – Twenty Questions, Written and Directed by Sebastian Gutierrez, starring Carla Gugino and Adrianne Palicki

    – Shell Game, Written and Directed by Gina Gershon, starring Gina Gershon

    – I’m Listening, Directed by Mickey Sumner, Written by Portia Alen-Buckley and Mike Lindley, starring Mickey Sumner and Trudie Styler

    – Leap, Directed by Sanaa Lathan, Written by Margaret Nagle, starring Sanaa Lathan and Lucy Punch

    – Intersection, Written and Directed by Bart Freundlich, starring Julianne Moore, Don Cheadle, Talia Balsam, Taj Swaminathan-Sipp

Source: Deadline

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