Craig R. Baxley to direct Stephen King’s The Gingerbread Girl

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Storm of the Century Stephen King Craig R. Baxley

The announcements of new Stephen King adaptations just keep on coming in the wake of IT's massive box office success. The latest one is an adaptation of King's 2007 novella THE GINGERBREAD GIRL, which is set to be directed by Craig R. Baxley for Brainstorm Media.

Described as a "cat and mouse thriller", THE GINGERBREAD GIRL was originally published in Esquire magazine, and was then included in King's short story collection Just After Sunset. The story centers on 

Emily, a woman recovering from a recent loss in a secluded house in the loneliest stretch of New England. She avoids contact with her husband and her father and channels her grief into a grueling daily running regimen.

This is doing her all kinds of good, until one day she makes the mistake of looking into the driveway of a man named Pickering. Pickering also enjoys privacy, but the young women he brings to his home suffer the consequences of knowing him. Will Em be next?

The adaptation is being written by Baxley and King, who have previously worked together on Storm of the Century (pictured above), Rose Red, The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, and Kingdom Hospital.

A former stuntman, Baxley made his feature directorial debut with the 1988 film ACTION JACKSON and quickly followed that up with I COME IN PEACE (a.k.a. DARK ANGEL) and STONE COLD. That's what you call a directorial hat trick; watch those movies back-to-back if you want to have one hell of an awesome triple feature. 

THE GINGERBREAD GIRL producer Mitchell Galin also has an established working relationship with King. Galin previously produced CREEPSHOW 2, PET SEMATARY, Golden Years, The Stand, The Langoliers, THINNER, THE NIGHT FLIER, and the TV shows Tales from the Darkside and Monsters, which used King stories as the basis of some episodes.

I haven't read THE GINGERBREAD GIRL yet, but it sounds like the adaptation is in good hands.

Source: TheWrap

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