Dan Harmon penned some additional scenes for Doctor Strange

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

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Scott Derrickson may have wrapped principal photography on DOCTOR STRANGE earlier in the year, but when additional scenes were needed recently for Marvel Studios' next film in their Cinematic Universe, Dan Harmon was called upon to do the writing for them. 

The creator of COMMUNITY and co-creator of Adult Swim's RICK AND MORTY was up to the task (the nature of those scenes remain under wraps) and contributed to Stephen Strange's journey to the big screen in Benedict Cumberbatch. As for whether or not he'll be a credited writer when all is said and done is beyond me, but it does speak of the method to Marvel's madness looking for talented individuals to assist their vision in the most unlikely of places. Harmon had no superhero movie experience prior to this, but then again, neither did Adam McKay when he was asked to help rally things together for ANT-MAN, post-Edgar Wright's departure. 

Marvel wants good writers and good filmmakers and good storytellers period, regardless of any previous comic book knowledge or street cred. I think we can all agree that such an approach has worked out rather well for them thus far. 

DOCTOR STRANGE takes the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a mystical place on November 4.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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