Danny Devito’s 1989 black comedy The War of the Roses to get a sequel

Over two decades after the release of THE WAR OF THE ROSES, a sequel is being developed that would continue the story of Barbara and Oliver Rose. Played by Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in the original 1989 film, THE WAR OF THE ROSES was a dark comedy about a couple going through a divorce who end up battling to the death, literally. The film grossed over $160 million and was one of the more acclaimed films of that year.

Author Warren Adler wrote a sequel to his original novel titled THE WAR OF THE ROSES: THE CHILDREN that follows the Rose offspring as they deal with their own troubles as adults.

Here, the chandelier-shattering legacy of Barbara and Oliver Rose is passed down to their children, Josh and Evie, in a black comedy that focuses on ugly divorce from the vantage point of kids who fall victim to warring parents. Josh marries Victoria, only to see the marriage fall apart over an incident involving missing Milky Way bars; and Evie is a promiscuous over-eater carrying her own shrapnel.

The Danny DeVito directed original was successful in part to the box office success that DeVito had enjoyed with Douglas and Turner in Robert Zemeckis‘ ROMANCING THE STONE. DeVito has since directed several black comedies such as DEATH TO SMOOCHY, DUPLEX, and THROW MOMMA FROM THE TRAIN. While he has not directed a film since 2003, it would be nice to see him somehow return for this project.

THE WAR OF THE ROSES ends on a note that would likely mean we would not see the return of Turner or Douglas, but nothing is impossible in the movies. With Kathleen Turner filming a role in DUMB AND DUMBER TO and Douglas having a resurgence thanks to BEHIND THE CANDELABRA and LAST VEGAS, it may be cool to see them come back in some capacity.

There is currently no director attached to THE WAR OF THE ROSES: THE CHILDREN, but stay tuned.

Source: Deadline

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